Oasis Ministries Store

All proceeds for each item bought go directly to our outreaches.

Welcome to the Oasis Store!

Here we will be selling all of the products we make. All proceeds for each item bought goes directly to our outreaches. Among which are: Haiti, TV broadcasting, local outreach with the homeless, Fusion Church, and more! If you wish to be a part of the growing of God’s Kingdom through this ministry, please do! We would love and appreciate all your help!

A Look at 2021

2021 has been a fantastic year for Oasis Ministries! Here’s a little reflection on the year.

  • We have 5 new podcasts available. Please take a moment to listen. Here’s a list.
    — Kingdom Talk | Join Pastor Anthony weekly as he goes behind the scenes, covering topics of ministry, outreach, and life.
    — Go Ye | A podcast from one of the associate ministers of MDT Church, covering spiritual development and outreach
    — Led by the Word |Follow along in a deep dive study from Genesis to Revelation using the free Oasis Ministries Bible Course
    — After This | Hosted by Pastor Anthony, this podcast branches into topics of abuse, addiction, and situations that look hopeless and reminds you that God has and after this.
    Golden Harvest | Bro. John Wynn (Pastor Anthony’s father) shows up weekly to give us a perspective on the Word and a Christian walk that has proven itself with miracles and a 60+ year ministry.
  • We have a new nationwide station (Retro TV)
  • We now have dozens of new time slots on our many other stations. (Check out our broadcast schedule page. It gets updated weekly to hopefully house all of our TV time.)
  • The Oasis Ministries Store has officially launched and all proceeds go to the many outreaches of Oasis.
  • MDT has started a drama department using skits as another way to spread God’s word.
  • In Haiti, we have built a temporary church that’s held multiple revivals already with an outbreak of the Holy Ghost!
  • We have new equipment that has brought our studio to the front line of technology, giving us new opportunities to spread God’s word to people we wouldn’t have been able to before.
  • Oasis Magazine | Pastor Anthony had the vision to make a FREE magazine and now we will be giving away tens of thousands, giving us another way to spread the Gospel.
  • Me and Jesus at MDT | Our new children’s book, showing growing up at church with a Christ-centered life.


Thank you so much for all you do! You are helping spread the love of Christ all around the world. We could never express how much you mean to us!