Children’s Books Package


Meet our vibrant trio of children’s books: “Me&Jesus at Church,” “The First Family,” and “God, You Are A-Z.” Packed with colorful illustrations and messages of Jesus, these books are the perfect introduction to faith for little ones.


Introducing our delightful trio of children’s books: “Me&Jesus at Church,” “The First Family,” and “God, You Are A-Z.” Packed with vibrant colors and engaging illustrations, each book is a joyful journey into the heart of faith, tailored especially for our little ones.

In “Me&Jesus at Church,” young readers will join our adorable character as they explore the wonders of the church, accompanied by the church family and events. Through simple yet meaningful narratives, children will learn about the joy of community and the love of Jesus within the walls of their spiritual home.

“The First Family” takes children on an adventure back to the beginning, where they’ll meet the very first family: Adam, Eve, and their sons. With more modern storytelling and captivating artwork, this book brings to life the beauty of the first family and the timeless love of God for His children.

Finally, “God, You Are A-Z” offers a delightful alphabet journey through the attributes of God. Children will discover the endless wonders of our Creator in a playful and accessible format. Each page is a celebration of God’s character and His presence in our lives.

These three books are more than just stories—they’re invitations for our little ones to encounter Jesus in a meaningful and accessible way. Whether read aloud at bedtime or explored independently, “Me&Jesus at Church,” “The First Family,” and “God, You Are A-Z” are sure to spark curiosity, inspire imagination, and nurture a lifelong relationship with our Savior.


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